About Me

In this challenging real estate market of today, sellers and buyers are looking for  more than just an agent... they are looking for a trusted advisor; not someone who will just tell them whatever they WANT to hear... but someone who will tell they what they NEED to hear.

I have been involved with real estate since the late 70's, first as an owner of real estate, then as an investor and now as a full time Realtor and owner of Richard Varney Realty. I have worked for a large real estate franchise as an agent and then as a broker, and learned from the very best.

One of the major things I learned early on was the fact that most agents are trained on how to get a seller's listing; I was trained differently! I learned how to get a seller's listing SOLD... SOLD quickly and for the most money. Our average time from listing a home to receiving an accepted offer is less than 30 days, compared to an average time for most agents of over 6 months. Our average sell price is within 1.5% of our initial listing price, compared to an average of 12% for most agents.

The reason for this tremendous difference is because I show the sellers exactly what the market is doing and what homes are actually selling for in our market. Our sellers understand that in this very unique real estate market, they must price their home at the "Market Price" in order to attract qualified buyers... not list the home at an inflated price they hope to get, and then over time keep reducing the price till they get down close to market price. This costs the seller even more money out of their pocket !

I also enjoy working with buyers and helping them find their "Dream Home". Together, we sit down and take the time to understand what the buyers' needs and wants are, and then search out to find the best home that meets these needs.

Our buyers know that the very first thing they should do is to get "Pre-Qualified" on their financing, so that they know what they can fit in their budget. And by having their "Pre-Qualification" ahead of time, once they do find their "Dream House", they can submit an offer quickly and not miss out on an opportunity!

Please call to see how I can help you make a difference in buying or selling your next home!